5 Interesting Facts About Sunflowers You Need to Know

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5 Interesting Facts About Sunflowers You Need to Know

The sunflower is one of nature's most beautiful flowers and is a favorite of many people from all over the world. Sunflowers often carry positive and joyful vibes, as they remind people of sunshine. But there's more to the sunflower than most people realize. So, that's why we've gathered some of the most interesting facts about sunflowers in this article.

1. Sunflowers Can Grow to Really Tall Heights

Sunflowers can grow to heights of up to 15 feet (5 meters) or even more! Sunflowers have an interesting way of growing in that their branches and stems start growing first, and later the root system will grow to support the tall structure. That's why it's very hard to transplant a sunflower once it has grown so tall.

2. The Sunflower Is Not Just a Single Flower

In fact, it's actually a complex flower made out of hundreds of flowers. This is called a "composite flower" and is made out of many smaller flowers known as "ray flowers." Ray flowers are the part that you see, whereas the rest of the flower is hidden inside the "core" of the sunflower.

3. The Sunflower Hit the Big Time in the '60s

The famous Pop Art movement in art started in the '60s. The artist Andy Warhol made a lot of paintings in this era, and one of his most famous works is the collection of paintings of sunflowers. So sunflowers were big in the art scene in the '60s.

In the 1960s, people were really into First Ladies. Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President John F. Kennedy, was a real trendsetter. She is partly responsible for the popularity of the sunflower in the '60s. No one knew where she got them, but she had a penchant for sunflowers and would often wear dresses with sunflower prints. So sunflowers became popular.

4. The Sunflower is an Important Food for Some Animals

The sunflower is an important food for some animals, namely, some birds and some insects. Birds like the Goldfinch are always on the lookout for sunflowers to eat. When you look at a Goldfinch, you'll notice that its beak is a little bit curved, and this is to help it reach the seeds in the sunflower. Some insects, most notably some species of bees, pollinate sunflower plants. The sunflower is pollinated by the sunflower bee.

5. Sunflowers Follow the Movement of the Sun

The sunflower is an interesting flower, and one of its interesting features is that it follows the movement of the sun. Sunflowers have a natural inclination to face the sun. So, when the sun rises in the morning, the sunflower will turn to face the sun. Then, as the sun moves, so will the sunflower until it reaches its highest point in the sky. At this point, the sunflower will turn to face the east. This is because most plants have a natural inclination to face the east, and that's because of the wind direction and the sun's path in the sky.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have a few interesting facts about sunflowers. The sunflower is a beautiful flower, and it's very good to know more about it. Now that you know more about sunflowers, why not try growing one? There are wide varieties to choose from, and you're sure to find one that would be perfect for your garden.

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