The Surprising Identity of Pink Roses in Flower Bouquets

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The Surprising Identity of Pink Roses in Flower Bouquets

When thinking of the perfect rose to use for bouquets, one crucial consideration is the meaning of each color. 

While some roses can be used to confess your love, other rose color meanings are more versatile. One of these multipurpose options is pink roses. Pink roses' definition can be adapted for different situations. Depending on the shade, pink roses can symbolize gratitude, admiration, comfort, or joy.

When picking out pink roses, you should think about the color of your rose and its meaning.

The Story of Pink Roses

If fossil evidence is to be believed, the history of pink roses dates back 35 million years. However, rose cultivation began in China only 5,000 years ago. Then, during the Roman Empire, roses were used as medicine, perfume, and confetti.

During the late 18th century, Westerners cultivated roses from China for their gardens. Most old roses acquired before 1867 were in shades of pink, and they were used and loved by many. Empress Josephine Bonaparte collected hundreds of roses for her Parisian garden during the Victorian era when restrictions on socially acceptable communication required people to convey flirtation, love, or even negative emotions through floriography, or the secret language of flowers. Pink roses were used to express warmth and affection during this time.

Today, pink roses still hold a special meaning even when presented in bouquets.

The Meaning of Pink Roses

These light red flowers can mean several different things, depending on their shade. Regular pink roses are associated with several positive emotions. However, the exact shades of pink roses make a difference in the meaning. Here is a list of the substances related to the most common colors of roses in this shade range:

  • Dark pink: Whereas the first rose of the season is always a light pink one, a symbol of gratitude for friends who consider you essential — dark pink roses are given to lovers as a sign of admiration. When given to someone you love, their color indicates how much you admire them.
  • Hot pink: Hot pink and medium pink roses each have different meanings. Hot pink roses convey special occasions, while medium pink roses convey appreciation for someone important in your life. They both come with a level of celebration and joy to the event.
  • Light pink: Since they have the gentlest shade, light pink roses convey a sense of comfort, femininity, and grace. This color is commonly used to show gratitude for loved ones and sympathy for those who lost a loved one.

The Use of Pink Roses

Unlike red, which is always associated with romance, pink is slightly more versatile. You can include them in bouquets for various occasions, not just Valentine’s or romantic anniversaries!

  • Simple thank-you moments: Bouquets with pink florals are an excellent gesture for small tasks or even celebrations such as Mother’s or Father’s Day!
  • Home decor: Pink flowers add a touch of femininity and grace to the dining room, kitchen, or even the bathroom!
  • A blooming romance or love: Since it’s not as deep as red, a pink bouquet can symbolize the start of a new romantic relationship.
  • Comfort for one’s passing: Their association with grace and gentleness makes pink roses an ideal gift for someone mourning a recent loss.


Whether it’s a simple gesture of gratitude, condolence, or romance, a pink rose suits any of those occasions. Remember the above tips, especially when picking the right shade. You’ll never know when a simple flower and its color can uplift someone’s gloomy day.

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